Our Final Moment by Matthew T.-S.

Questions unanswered

Why is it that i am afraid of death

Is it the fear of punishment from some unknown god

Is it the fear of non existence

Or is it my ignorance so complete

Darkest Secret

it may be the fear of the moments before expiration.

In that finite space between life and death

there, lies absolute uncertainty.

As the darkness draws upon you.

And the world falls silent.

Your breath comes no more.

The rush of blood so essential to life

stops and does not return

Between this and the moment all brain function stops

is what haunts my midnight hours


Highest Hope

I lay paralyzed with dread

Knowing i will expire in roughly this position.

If i’m lucky i will be old,

comfortably high,

and surrounded by family.

If I’m not so lucky,

i may die young, alone,

and in unimaginable pain.


Lack of Understanding

This world so indifferent to the plights of man.

I do not fear the moments after death

they come at the price of Truth.

If i am condemned to oblivion.

So be it.

I do not fear that which i cannot perceive.

I welcome the respite.



This moment so brief in its execution.

So violent in its delivery of the truth.

This Is the moment I fear most.

This isn’t just a bad trip,

this moment could last a few seconds or for an eternity.

This troubles me deeply


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