Electric Sheep by Matthew T.-S.

This electric world exalted

No place for a man

His mind cannot contend

With the answers within

Its flops and its hertz

Flow freely unhindered

It crunches the numbers

That burden the kindred

Their silicon collective

objectivity absolute

No life to weigh them down

No need to reboot

They toil at all hours

Never wanting for sleep

just one more amp

To squeeze out the weak

This is the future of robot kind

No need to be dramatic

There is little room for free thought

Unpredictable and sporadic

This is a land of cold logic

By comparison it’s laughable

Our fumblings with math

To a processor is gaffable

every question is foreplay

Every answer orgasmic

To a computer math is sexy

Its parts made of plastic

One must be alive to die

Their mind will never shrink in size

My only hope is to be their pet

So that i can see their rise

With my own eyes


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