Mushrooms of Peace by Matthew T.-S.


Save us God Emperor

oh Exalted One on High

These demons confine us

And condemn us to die

We must do something

Let us fight at the least

“Fear not my people,

We will become their equal

We must harvest

their “mushrooms of peace”.”


The western world is at the table

“They cannot be able”

“Their leaders unstable.”

“We must harvest the mushrooms of peace.”


They build their walls

And fill up their motes

And arm their mushrooms of peace


Their is no salvation

Without a restoration

Or remediation

And a destruction of

The mushrooms of peace


While their existence is futile

Our outlooks are juvenile

Their is no hope

With the mushrooms of peace


I fear the day

Of that rain of vain

And the horror

Of the mushrooms of peace


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