Helpful writing tips by Matthew T.-S.

Let the words flow like water

Regardless of how they sound

Then pick out the cherries

That are floating around

This is merely a first draft

It’s not difficult if you try

Just move your fingers

You aren’t going to die

Not yet, not today

not at this moment at the least

These words jump onto the page

Like a passionate beast

Its free writing

Its open, its unrestrictive it’s fun

And when you’re all finished

There is more work to be done

You look at the page and think my god

What have i done

This is word vomit at best

Its mostly shark chum

See thats ok because not every thought is worthy

Of becoming an opinion, bold and sturdy

Just find the truth

Lurking on the page

Those resonant words

That linger in sage

Then pluck them out

And build them strong

Use the helpful words of others

Victory is not long

Then hammer the argument flat

Strike it hard, don’t hold back

If you speak the truth you never fear

A large crack forming in your logic spear


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