Chemical Warfare by Matthew T.-S.

What was once locked safely
Behind fortified walls has become
The pickings of scavengers and terrorists

It is terrible that the people suffered
But how many countless others will
Breathe the poison gas with no one
To stop their greedy hands

How many pictures have you seen of
People standing near the Carnage
The twisted remains of armored doors
Lay blackened and cracked on the ground
They scour the wreckage for weapons and gas

Our president has opened the door for the
worlds greatest enemy
and handed them tools of hell

How many more pictures will you see
Of angels oozing bile from their lips
suffering a result of our leaders incompetence
When will we do something to reign powers
Granted in haste without foresight
When will we hear the truth and settle
Our petty qualms to help people for a change


Be More Like by Matthew T.-S.

Be more like the mountain

Will unbending

Sights set firmly on the heavens

Immobile, immortal, mysterious


Be more like the river

Influence the banks in which you run

Carve deep your canyon in this life

Make valley mountains that stand in your path


Be more like the mighty oak

let your roots run deep

Drink heartily from the river

And breath silver mountain air


Be more like the wind whose will carries it to

Caress the icy mountain peaks

Plunge into the foaming river

And make shiver the mighty oak


Be more like you

Spread love and light

There is no force of nature

To compare to the inferno of your heart

Prospects of the Heart by Matthew T.-S.

This smoldering passion in my heart

To stoke the fire, to encourage its growth

i feel the fear icarus must have

On approach to the sun

Horror as I watch my wing burn


The rush of the fall is nearly

as exhilarating as the climb

No fear of the ground

I welcome my old friend


I greet him heartily with a full embrace

I bury my face in his earthen chest

I pour my every being into him

I lie to myself

I choose to be alone

Wooden Idol by Matthew T.-S.

The watchful providers stand humble

Hardly aware to the eons that pass

Every day a beat of the heart

Every breath is that of seasons change

Branches take root in the sky

Arms stretched wide to embrace

All are welcome in this shade

They provide it so willingly

The fruit of this labor will sustain you

This flesh a medicine to sooth your ails

Tender them gently

Impose on them sparingly

And never take them for granted

Helpful writing tips by Matthew T.-S.

Let the words flow like water

Regardless of how they sound

Then pick out the cherries

That are floating around

This is merely a first draft

It’s not difficult if you try

Just move your fingers

You aren’t going to die

Not yet, not today

not at this moment at the least

These words jump onto the page

Like a passionate beast

Its free writing

Its open, its unrestrictive it’s fun

And when you’re all finished

There is more work to be done

You look at the page and think my god

What have i done

This is word vomit at best

Its mostly shark chum

See thats ok because not every thought is worthy

Of becoming an opinion, bold and sturdy

Just find the truth

Lurking on the page

Those resonant words

That linger in sage

Then pluck them out

And build them strong

Use the helpful words of others

Victory is not long

Then hammer the argument flat

Strike it hard, don’t hold back

If you speak the truth you never fear

A large crack forming in your logic spear

Beneath the Tree by Matthew T.-S.

The soft swish of long grass caress my ears gently

The sun plays sweetly with the swaying branches

Soft beads of light dance across my face

Spreading warmth wherever they rest

Like a lover’s kiss before a long journey

So perfect a fit in their place

pressed so gently together

It’s nearly impossible to tell when they break

the feeling is so light and lovely

As to leave behind nothing but sensation

And want for more

Beyond the Horizon by Matthew T.-S.

What went so wrong as to isolate me

To a place where the stars wheel overhead

and every night is as long as the sky is wide

A slave to my regrets

Words unspoken

Words that should have been left unsaid

How long until the break of dawn

When I may spring forth

And meet adventure

Where new faces and friendship abound

With you by my side I need nothing but

Compassion as my language

Kindness as my currency

Mushrooms of Peace by Matthew T.-S.


Save us God Emperor

oh Exalted One on High

These demons confine us

And condemn us to die

We must do something

Let us fight at the least

“Fear not my people,

We will become their equal

We must harvest

their “mushrooms of peace”.”


The western world is at the table

“They cannot be able”

“Their leaders unstable.”

“We must harvest the mushrooms of peace.”


They build their walls

And fill up their motes

And arm their mushrooms of peace


Their is no salvation

Without a restoration

Or remediation

And a destruction of

The mushrooms of peace


While their existence is futile

Our outlooks are juvenile

Their is no hope

With the mushrooms of peace


I fear the day

Of that rain of vain

And the horror

Of the mushrooms of peace

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