Chemical Warfare by Matthew T.-S.

What was once locked safely
Behind fortified walls has become
The pickings of scavengers and terrorists

It is terrible that the people suffered
But how many countless others will
Breathe the poison gas with no one
To stop their greedy hands

How many pictures have you seen of
People standing near the Carnage
The twisted remains of armored doors
Lay blackened and cracked on the ground
They scour the wreckage for weapons and gas

Our president has opened the door for the
worlds greatest enemy
and handed them tools of hell

How many more pictures will you see
Of angels oozing bile from their lips
suffering a result of our leaders incompetence
When will we do something to reign powers
Granted in haste without foresight
When will we hear the truth and settle
Our petty qualms to help people for a change


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